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 +===== Usage =====
 +Andrew Frink 
 +US1998UT002 ​
 +2700 Kearns Blvd
 +Park City, Utah 84060
 +9/​19/​2016 ​
 +Dear Andrew, ​
 +The Enterprise Management Service integration process has been completed. We have successfully installed and configured the monitoring software agent in your environment. You will be notified via email should any issues be detected.
 +We have established a support process to ensure a timely response to your Enterprise Management Service (EMS) requests. After contacting the Technical Solutions Group (TSG) a Systems Engineer will be assigned to assist you with your request. The Systems Engineer will have access to documentation about the covered devices in your PowerSchool environment as well as a log of previous support issues / requests.
 +There are three primary methods for requesting service or support as follows:
 +1. PowerSource Self-Service Portal
 +To receive support or request services by posting cases to the self-service portal: https://​ To request on-demand PowerSchool version updates/​upgrades or to request State/​Provincial Reporting Content updates please use the PowerSchool Software Update Service Request Form on Powersource:​ https://​​dir/​7533
 +2. Email
 +To receive support or request services by email send your request to To ensure a timely response please reference your Client number, US1998UT002,​ in your message.
 +3. Phone
 +For service please call 866-434-6276 or 1-916-288-1881. Please have your Client number ready and select the option for '​Infrastructure Support Clients'​ when prompted.
 +Hours of Operation
 +Technical support (M-F 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time) for the PowerSchool environment. (Excluding PowerSchool Holidays)
 +Targeted response time for support assistance is:
 +  * Email: 1 Hour
 +  * Phone: 1 hour
 +  * Self-Service Portal: 1 Business Day
 +Note: Typically you will be contacted within the targeted response time noted above. However call volume may impact our targeted response time. 
 +Note: Pre-scheduled off-hours support is available at an additional cost.
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