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Steps for End of Year process:

Clear the Vocational Academically Disadvantaged flag: voc_academ This needs to be done before end of year reports for CTE year end reports.

Export schedulecc and schedulesections through DDE/DDA This is a back up of the scheduling information for the next school year.

Commit schedules: For each school that uses PowerScheduler: Make sure the secretaries (or counselors) have approved to commit. Click on PowerScheduler and choose Commit it will run through the process and notify you of any errors. Choose the third option, commit both student schedules and sections. Powerscheduler will ask you several times if this is what you really want to do. So please make sure this is what you really want to do.

If you have errors, go to the Systems –> Special Operations click on the operation “Set sync to non-atomic mode” rerun the commit. This should fix many errors in the scheduling process Be sure to change the sync mode back to Atomic mode as soon as the schedule has finished.

Export Special Ed and ELL information: To do this you will go to DDA. Select the SpEnrollments Table(41) Enter_Date >= 08/24/2011 (anyone entering during the school year) Exit_Date = last day of school (only those students who are here at the end of the school year need to be rolled over.) Export the data to excel. Transition special ed kids stay in 704 in grade 12 until they are 22 years old. Search on sped_transition=1

Clear Activities: For each school: choose System and Clear Activities, select all the activities you want to clear and choose submit.

Clear Locker numbers and combinations: Step 1: select all students choose “student field vale” from the drop down list type Locker_number in the field and check the clear field value box. Submit Step 2: select all students choose “student field vale” from the drop down list type Locker_combination in the field and check the clear field value box. Submit Complete steps 1 and 2 for each of the secondary schools (any school using lockers)

Start End Of Year process

Choose System –> End-of-year process

When you run end of year the process checks for any errors in the data for the past year. You can run this process many times before you actually end the year, which will give you a chance to see what errors need attention. To run EOY in “informational mode” you must un-check the box in the left hand corner “Ok to run process” When the process is finished you will get a list of errors that need to be fixed prior to running EOY again.

When all errors have been cleaned up and you are ready to promote the kids and rollover to the new year you must check the box in the left hand corner “Ok to run process”, this will finalize the process and start the new school year.

Next Step:

Make sure schedules are present, grade levels are changed. The activities, locker numbers and combinations are cleared, groups like department chairs, counselors, admins should also be cleared.

Create new powerschool ids and passwords. Special functions →assign IDs and passwords . You need to do this by school, make username 5 digits and passwords 8 digits(eight digit passwords are required for google accounts), make sure the “Do not overwrite existing passwords” is not checked. This must be done prior to PowerSchool coming back on line!

Set up calendars for each school. Once this is done, go to System –> Special Operations –> Reset Class Counts. If this is not done the course sections all have zero counts.

Send emails to secretaries, admins, and counselors saying something like: “Students have been promoted, if you have any schedule changes do it on the live side.”

Before August 1st

Roll over special Ed and ELL students

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