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Changing GPA or Honor Roll Calculations-

This process needs to be done each quarter, semester, or trimester prior to the school running these calculations for report cards.

On the PowerSchool start page choose District Office as the school. Scroll down Setup and click on District. You will find the GPA Calculations under Grading Functions, once on the GPA Settings page choose Calculation Methods. You will need to find the GPA Calculation Methods that need to changed. See below. Click on the GPA Calculation Method Name and scroll down to Query Options. In the Terms field insert the current term, i.e., Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, S1, S2, T1, T2, T3.

The first time you change the calculation you will also need to change the school years field to the current school year.


These changes will make the calculations of Honor Roll and GPA current.

GPA(Honor Roll) Calculation Methods used: EHMS Honor Roll, Honor Roll HS, PCHS 06-07 GPA, TM Honor Roll, TMIS 06-07 GPA, TMIS 8 GPA, TMIS 9 ClassRank, TMIS Added Value, TMIS Earned Credit Hours, TMIS Simple


Here is the GPA calculations for prior years, these will not produce a cumulative gpa.

~(*gpa method="simple" grade="9")
~(*gpa method="simple" grade="10")
~(*gpa method="simple" grade="11")
~(*gpa method="simple" grade="12")

You can use these calcs with quick export.

If you need a weighted gpa use

~(*gpa method="PCHS 06-07 GPA" grade="9")

If you need a cumulative gpa use

~(*gpa method="PCHS 06-07 GPA") -weighted
~(*gpa method="simple" ) - unweighted
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