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The Learning Center

The Learning Center students are now part of Park City High School, for PowerSchool purposes ONLY. We have set up a special program called LC in which all Learning Center students will be enrolled. The registrar, admin assistant or counselor can enroll students into and out of this special program when changes occur. By creating a special program we can track Learning Center enrollment changes for these students and there is no longer a need to transfer students for scheduling purposes

To select the LC students type in the following search criteria:


(This will select all students who have been enrolled in the program during this year.)



(This will select all students currently enrolled in the program.)

To exclude the LC students from your student selection, type in the following search criteria:


From here you can use these selections to run reports, access student records, etc.

To enroll a student into this program, select the student and click on Special Programs under the Enrollment section on the left. Click NEW; fill in the data including entry date and exit date (use the last day of school for exit date) choosing LC as the program. Next, go to the Activities screen and check the box for LC. Both steps need to be done or the search functions will not work correctly.

To drop a student from the program, choose the student and click on Special Programs. Click on the entry date of the current LC program enrollment, change the exit date field to the date of exit from the program and fill in an exit reason. Also, go to the Activities screen and uncheck the box for the LC activity.

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