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Adding a zero hour (or any) new period to your school day

1. Edit the school year to add an additional period

a. Go to school start page
b. Choose School in the Setup section
c. Choose Years and Terms
d. Click on the Year name
e. In the period drop menu add a period to the total
f. Submit

2. Define the new period

a. Choose School in the Setup section
b. Choose Periods in the Scheduling section
c. You will see a default name for the new added period
d. Click on the name
e. Edit the name and abbreviation
f. Change the sort order if necessary

3. Edit the Schedule

a. Choose School in the Setup section
b. Choose Bell Schedules in the Calendaring section
c. Click Edit Schedule for the schedule you need to alter
d. Click New
e. Choose the new value in the period drop down menu
f. Enter the start and end time for the new period
g. Check Counts for ADA box
h. Submit
i. Repeat steps c-h for each schedule that needs a change
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