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Performance Review 1/29/2015

  • low on cpu power according to Release 8.2 Hardware and Software Requirements
  • advised to change DEP to Windows only
  • Reportworks Service Memory allocation is low
  • using a third party backup
  • “Check to make sure PowerSchool data/active, temp folder, and server folder are excluded from any backup jobs. Let PowerSchool create backups and then set the third party software to backup the PowerSchool backups”
  • Disk Defragmenter is not scheduled and does not appear to ever have been run
  • finding a few warnings and errors in Event Viewer for 1/23/2015 @ around 1:20pm regarding:
    • VMTools
    • Backup software
    • one for web_root share not existing
    • time server sync error on 1/19/2015 1:00:00am
  • finding warnings regarding time drifts
    • “Warning: VKTM detected a time drift.
  • file indexing is currently enabled on PS drive C:
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