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PowerSchool Enhancement Requests

TMJH - Suggestion for a custom report in PowerSchool. Every year, our school nurse wants to know which students at TMJH have classes at PCHS (and vice versa). She needs to know so she can share health care plans between the schools.

PCHS - Add student schedules to the PowerSchool Public portal so students can see their schedule at any time. This would free up time in the office because students wouldn't be asking for their schedules.

TMJH - Can we set it up so a student can have two home/primary phone numbers in PowerSchool? This particular parent is concerned that he's not getting all the appropriate notifications (attendance robo-calls, etc.) because his ex-wife is the primary phone number.

PCHS - I would like to ask if the following could be added to the registration page in PS.

1. Drop Down of Custody Status. After the drop down “Student Lives With” add a drop down: “Custody Status” and include the following options in the drop down: Joint Physical & Legal Sole Physical & Joint Legal Sole Physical & Legal Other (See File)

2. Add the following option in the “Student Lives With” drop down: Lives w/ Both Parents (separate households)

3. Drop Down of “Marital Status of Birth Parents” under “Student Lives With” drop down and above new “Custody Status” drop down. Include the following options: Single Married Separated Divorced Father Deceased Mother Deceased

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