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PowerSchool Nightly Processes

PowerSchool runs a number of processes nightly:

Nightly Processes

12 - 1 am roughly

A variety of processes that handle nightly tasks for PowerSchool. Looking in PS Log or Taskmaster logs can show when they are firing off.

Oracle Backups

Early morning, seems to end about 5:30 am

These are not in the standard PS logs anywhere.

Attendance Refresh

Defaults to 9 pm

Takes .5 hours or so. Launch time can be changed by editing the “prefs” table, field “ATT_Recalc_Hour” – must be on the hour such as “7 PM”

NTC processing

2 am

Not a PowerSchool process exactly, but this is when the NTC (National Transcript Center) pulls data from UTREx so any uploads to UTREx should be completed before this.

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