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Start of Year Checklist

Use the following checklist to track your progress through the Start of Year tasks

System Administration and Management

  • Unordered List Item
  • Create Start of Year Backup
  • Audit Disaster Recovery Plan
  • District and School Administration
  • Review Entry, Exit, and Ethnicity Codes
  • Review Fees
  • Verify Assessment of Automatic Fees
  • Review and Update School Information
  • Update the Default Term Level
  • Update the School Bulletin
  • Set Up Sub Sign In Settings


  • Unordered List Item
  • Review Years and Terms
  • Review Periods and Cycle Days
  • Review Bell Schedules
  • Complete Calendar Setup
  • Pre-register Students
  • Schedule Pre-registered Students


  • Unordered List Item
  • Review Attendance Codes, Categories, and Conversions
  • Review Full Time Equivalencies
  • Review Attendance Preferences

Grading and Assessment

  • Unordered List Item
  • Review GPA Calculations
  • Complete Final Grade Setup
  • Set Final Grade Deadlines
  • Update Current Grade Display
  • Update GPA Student Screens
  • Review Honor Roll Levels
  • Review Class Rank Methods


  • Unordered List Item
  • Update DATs in User Defined Reports
  • Review State Reporting Guide
  • Update Reporting Segments

Student Information

  • Unordered List Item
  • Update Missing Student Information (FTE, Gender, Ethnicity)
  • Verify Membership Share
  • Verify School Enrollments
  • Apply Credit for Advanced Courses
  • Enroll Students in Activities
  • Update Family Reps
  • Access to PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals
  • Assign IDs and Passwords
  • Enable Student and Guardian Access
  • Print Web Access Form Letters for Students and Guardians
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